A 360 accessibility audit is a process of deep reflection about your church and how diversity is recognised and appreciated.  It is not a 30 minute task, achieved with a quick walk around the building, but it is an ongoing process within which you will always get better.

How to start

Take 20 minutes to read the Introduction and notes (download no.1 below). This will explain how the audit works, and will help you to decide how to begin. The actual audit has 19 sections, but you can ask different people in your church to complete different sections. It is important to remember that this will be a process not a one off event.

The introduction document also suggests you form a Disability Working Group who can work alongside your PCC.

For advice and support as to how you might make best use of the audit, contact John Beauchamp john.beauchamp@london.anglican.org.

John is happy to visit you and explore how this can be adapted to be most relevant to your situation.

But what if I don’t have time to do this yet?

If your church does not have the time or space for the commitment needed to do the audit yet, take a look at the ‘Quick Wins’ document (download no.6 below). There are many simple and low cost things you can do to make immediate and significant changes to your welcome and inclusion of disabled people.

Introductory documents

The 19 sections of the audit