Looking for information about being confirmed at your church?

Please see the life events section of the website. The information below is for clergy.

Age of candidates

The maturity of the candidate is an important factor when considering what is the right age for confirmation. Regulations laid down by the Area Bishop about the age of the candidate must always be followed. Consent in a special case should always be sought before the beginning of the preparation, so that disappointment may be avoided. When in doubt, please consult your Area or Suffragan Bishop.


Clergy must satisfy themselves early in the course of preparation that each candidate has received baptism in the name of the Trinity. If there is any doubt, then the candidate should be conditionally baptised. Where it is certain that a candidate has not been baptised, baptism will normally be administered by the bishop at the Confirmation.

The priest must enter the names and address of each candidate in the Register, which should be brought to the Confirmation, ready for signature by the bishop. Where an incumbent is bringing candidates to a confirmation in another parish, the names of candidates should be entered in the register of the parish they come from and the place of confirmation entered in that register.

Clergy who present candidates for confirmation must give a Confirmation Summary and Declaration to the bishop who takes the service (or send it to the bishop’s office after the service). This includes a summary of the number of candidates, and a Declaration that all the candidates have been baptised.

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Before the Service

Candidates should be seated in church at least 15 minutes before the service begins, and they should be instructed about the use of this time in final preparation. As confirmation is usually administered with Holy Communion, the candidates should be properly prepared in the practicalities of receiving the sacrament.

During the service

The candidates should be encouraged to give clear and firm answers to the questions in the service, and to give a firm ‘Amen’ after being confirmed.

Candidates may kneel in an upright position to be confirmed if this is comfortable for them. However, if the candidate prefers to sit or stand this should be enabled.

The clergy who have prepared the candidates should come forward and be near the bishop while their candidates are being confirmed.

After the Service

It is usual to arrange a reception after the service. If this is not possible the candidates with family and friends should be asked to stay behind after the service to meet the bishop.