The Diocese of London has a link with the Episcopal Diocese of New York.

The Link Program began in 2006. It is intended to promote a deeper spiritual relationship between our two dioceses. Linked parishes engage in various activities according to their interests and needs.

The link program also encourages us to embrace the diversity within our branch of Christianity.  Like the Diocese of London, the Diocese of New York has parishes that reflect strands liberal and traditionalist, Anglo-Catholic and Evangelical, rich and poor—with many ethnic and cultural backgrounds as well. We can certainly experience and learn and great deal from each other and our links together.

How are parish links made?

Usually, the link begins when the priests in charge arrange to preach in each other’s parishes. It’s often the case that when New Yorkers or Londoners visit each other’s respective cities they have a connection already with their link parishes, and can worship there when they are visiting.
We also have parishioners who have moved from London to New York, or vice versa, who have a ready-made parish to attend and be part of with the link church.

Bishop Sarah with a group at St Bartholomew Church Park Avenue.
Group of clergy with the Revd Graham Buckle
Group of clergy with the Revd Graham Buckle

Extended visits

Sometimes, there are more extended clergy exchanges or visit by parishes: living in each other’s rectories, taking services, visiting the sick etc. Beyond the good feelings generated by this program, such transatlantic contacts remind us that we Anglicans are part of something wider and significant.

The history of the relationship

  • The Link Program between London and New York began in 2006, under Bishop Richard Chartres of London and Bishop Mark Sisk of New York, following discussions initiated in 2005 by the Revd. Andrew Mullins.
  • There have been three London Diocesan Link Coordinators since then:
    • The Revd Nick Mercer 2006-2014
    • The Revd Alan Everett 2014 – 2018
    • The Revd Graham Buckle 2018 – present

Key activities

Bishop Sarah at Church Club of New York
  • Bishop Andrew Dietsche (the outgoing Bishop of New York) was made an honorary canon of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London in 2014.
  • Bishop Shin and Revd. J. Douglas Ousley represented New York Diocese at the Installation of Sarah Mullally as Bishop of London in 2018.
  • New Yorkers had the opportunity to hear the Bishop of London during her visit in May 2022 to address the Church Club of New York.
  • A group of representatives from the Diocese of London went to the Consecration of Matthew Heyd as Bishop of New York in May 2023.
  • Bishop Sarah visited NYC in February 2024 for Bishop Matt Heyd’s Installation as the new Bishop of New York.

How to become a link parish

If you are interested in any way of forging a link with a parish from the Diocese of New York please contact the Revd Graham Buckle:

The Revd Graham Buckle
London Diocese Link Coordinators

Email / Phone +447525171398

Below is the current list of parishes linked (if you are viewing the website on a mobile phone you may prefer to look at the PDF version of the list)

If this link is no longer active or you are not on the list please let the Revd Graham Buckle know.

There have been also a few connections between London and New York schools and colleges, as well as between hospital and chaplains.

Parish/Ministry NY Link
All Hallows by the Tower Church of the Epiphany  74th & 2nd
St Mary-Le-Bow Trinity Wall Street
St Matthew Westminster Church of the Transfiguration
St Vedast-alias-Foster et al The Incarnation
Tower of London St Esprit
St John Hyde Park Church of the Heavenly Rest
St Philips, Earls Court Church of the Heavenly Rest
St Peter’s, Eaton Square St Michael’s West 99th Street
St Stephen Rochester Row Holy Trinity Upper East Side
St Giles in the Field All Saints, Manhattan
St Saviour Pimlico St Ignatius of Antioch Manhattan
St Martin in the Field St Thomas Fifth Ave
St Giles Cripplegate Church of Ascension
All Saints Margaret Street St Mary Time Square
St George and All Saints Tufnell Park St Matthew and St Timothy
St John on Bethnal Green St Mark in the Bowery
Canary Wharf Chaplaincy St James Maddison Ave
St James Piccadilly St Bart’s Park Ave
John Keble Mill Hill St John Pleasantville
St Mary the Virgin Primrose Hill St Luke in the Fields, W Greenwich Village
St Bourne Street St John in the Village
St Pancras St Peter Chelsea
St Barnabas Pittshanger Lane Good Shepherd, Granite Springs
St Paul Rossmore Road Christ Church, Riverdale, West Bronx
St Botolphs-without-Aldgate Holy Apostles Manhattan
St Paul Knightsbridge Church of the Ascension, Fifth and Tenth
St Martin’s “Heart Edge” Episcopal Renewal
LSE Columbia/Global Life @ NYU
St Barnabas, Pimlico St Gregory, Woodstock
St Dunstan’s All Saints, Manhattan
St James the Less, Pimlico Calvary/St. George’s Manhattan
St Paul’s Cathedral St John the Divine
St Mary the Virgin, Monkey Hadley Mary the Virgin, Chappaque
St Mary le Strand St Mary’s in Toxedo

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