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/ 26 February 2021

Bishop of Edmonton to serve as ‘Commissary Bishop’ of Diocese of Portsmouth alongside current role

Bishop Rob Wickham is to be the Diocese of Portsmouth’s commissary bishop during the vacancy in see.

/ 25 February 2021

Five ways to serve your local schools when you can’t go in

Kathryn Kane suggests 5 actions you can take to support your local school. 

/ 22 February 2021

Lent Appeal sermon by Bishop Joanne

A sermon by the Bishop of Stepney on youth violence, using the readings for 27 March.

/ 22 February 2021

Church must play key role in national effort to solve housing crisis, says Archbishops’ Commission

The Church of England should lead by example, says a landmark report published yesterday by the Archbishops’ Commission on Housing, Church and Community.

/ 18 February 2021

Last minute Lent and Easter ideas!

Katie shares some ideas and resources from our morning meetup about Lent and Easter.

/ 18 February 2021

Diocesan Confirmations to be held in each of the Episcopal Areas

St Paul’s Cathedral will not be hosting the Diocesan Confirmations during the Easter Vigil this year.

/ 16 February 2021

Exploring Healing Ministry

The Guild of Health & St Raphael have launched an initiative called the ‘Healthy Healing Hub’,

/ 15 February 2021

St Mary’s, Islington welcomes Reverend James Hughesdon as Vicar in the Stepney Area’s first online institution

In a first for the Stepney Area, with the Registrar’s permission, the service was conducted virtually.

/ 12 February 2021

Is your church ready to welcome people from Hong Kong?

At least 130,000 people are expected to migrate to the UK from Hong Kong during 2021.

Environment and the Church leading up to COP26
/ 9 February 2021

Surge in climate change effort by churches and people

Brian Cuthbertson outlines six ways we can get involved in the fight against climate change.

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