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/ 27 May 2020

New ‘Just Church’ podcast

Angus Ritchie, Director of the Centre for Theology & Community, tells us about a new podcast project.

/ 27 May 2020

Theology and Ministry Webinars for Clergy and Lay Ministers

Each session will start at 10.00am with a 45 minute presentation with optional discussion group at 11.15am for limited numbers of people.

/ 27 May 2020

Bishop of Stepney joins calls to include the supermarket chain Iceland in its Free School Meal voucher scheme

The Bishop of Stepney joined other faith and community leaders across East London in calling on the Government.

/ 26 May 2020

Book review: The End of Youth Ministry?

The End of Youth Ministry? (Why parents don’t really care about youth groups and what youth workers should do about it)

/ 26 May 2020

Message from the Bishop of Fulham.

Bishop Jonathan reflects on Ascension Day. Jesus ascends, taking our humanity with him to the very heart of God.

/ 22 May 2020

Further guidance for parishes

Four new documents for parishes relating to more technical aspects of the current restrictions affecting buildings.

/ 21 May 2020

Family fun: Using films to open conversations about God

Sam Donoghue explains how films can facilitate fun discussions with your family about God and make links with stories we find in the Bible.

Tablets given to care homes
/ 21 May 2020

Tablet computers donated to residents of local care home by St Andrew’s church

St Andrew’s Whitehall Park fundraises with its parishioners to provide tablet computers for a care home in north Islington, so residents can contact their families.

/ 21 May 2020

Guidance: construction work on church buildings

Can construction work be carried out? It is possible to carry out construction work, providing the following guidance is adhered to: Guidance for … Read more

Our environment, the beach and the sea
/ 20 May 2020

What do we know?

Brian Cuthbertson discusses our world of “radical uncertainty”, which is enhanced now we’re in a deep crisis, but finds hope in New Testament scripture.

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