The Children & Youth Support team helps anyone engaging children, young people or families within our worshipping communities and parishes.

This page contains a few resources we’ve created for churches and individuals, as well as recommendations on a number of topics. Visit the main page about children & youth ministry support in the Diocese of London here.

How we create and curate resources for churches

The team work with people from across the Diocese of London and beyond to create relevant, practical resources that directly address the challenges we face as a diocese. Some of these are downloadable materials, some are courses. The goal is to make things that help our worshipping communities create lasting impact.

Download the resources created so far below and feel free to email us at if you have an idea for a resource that every church could use.

Get updates on new resources and improvements

We develop and curate practical content and resources on a regular basis and share these with our email subscribers and social media followers. Connect with us via our these links – then share the page with your church if you want people to be equipped and inspired!

Content and updates

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Resource recommendations

Whilst our team’s remit doesn’t involve producing curriculum resources, we spend a lot of time curating and signposting resources we find across the internet, and develop our own when there is a particular focus or objective. Below you’ll find a mix of these – be sure to check out our ‘database’ for a growing library of stuff we approve of!


We are compiling an online database of resources for working with children, youth and families, to save a bit of time on the discovery process! We’ve added a column to flag resources you can use or adapt remotely. You can filter and sort the resources we’ve added, and if you think any are missing, submit one here.


This is a small collection of resources to get you started on having informed conversations around the topics of race, diversity, and justice. This is by no means exhaustive, so if you would like to recommend something for those specifically working with children and youth, let us know at

Books for children and young people

Books for adults


Extensive curations of resources

Websites and social media channels

No two people grieve in the same way. In this time where support for children and youth is increasingly important during a loss of loved ones, those who work or volunteer with them should feel confident and knowledgeable on how they can help.

The Diocese of London’s Children and Youth Support ran this online workshop to cover the key areas of supporting people through grief. The session used additional breakout groups throughout to create a more comfortable environment for sharing from experience. These were not recorded but are noted so you can reflect for yourself.

Various churches and organisations have developed online alternatives to their normal activities, which may be appropriate for people from other churches to join in with.

If you’re making things specifically for children and/or youth, email us!

Online content for youth

Online content for children/families

Games to play online

  • The Methodist Church published this handy little PDF with lots of ideas for games you can play on Zoom
  • If you have a small number, Jackbox Games have some good games. You buy packs, then each player uses their phone to play. Make sure you select “family friendly” in the settings, as some games have some adult material.
  • If you want to hop aboard the hype train, Among Us is a free-to-play game on mobile (or £4 on PC) that young people generally love playing at the moment. It’s like a murder mystery, but you control the characters in a game (check with parents if you’re unsure about suitability).

Ideas for activities to enjoy together

  • Go on a virtual museum tour whilst on a video call
  • Have a “3,2,1, play” YouTube watch party on a video call
  • Record a video together to share with your church
  • Write a song together
  • Have a poetry slam contest