Buying wisely is crucial to the church’s mission. 

Parish Buying

Set up by the Church of England and Church in Wales this buying service aims to help you save time and money which can then be spent on your church’s mission and ministry.

It’s a free to join scheme which brings together the collective buying power of all Anglican churches in England and Wales providing great value on a wide range of products and services including:

  • Energy supplies, LED lights, phone and broadband
  • boilers, fire safety
  • furniture, photocopiers, office products
  • IT, insurance, contactless card readers

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It is good practice to regularly review suppliers and tariffs for your church and church hall utilities. You might like to look at the deals available via the Church of England’s Parish Buying scheme.

Charities, including all PCCs (even those not registered with the Charity Commission because their income is below £100k) need only pay 5% VAT on their utility bills. Please make sure that you are not paying the usual VAT rate of 20% on gas, electricity or oil. If you are then contact your supplier and ask for the reduced rate to be applied. If your income is less than £100k then you will be a charity excepted from registration. If needed you can refer your supplier to the Charity Commission website which explains the status of excepted charities.

You could also provide your Gift Aid number (which usually begins with an X) as proof that HMRC recognises the PCC as a charity for tax purposes.