Policies and procedures

As a parish there are certain HR policies and procedures you will need to have and review regularly to ensure they are up to date with any changes in government legislation.   One policy that is for the whole of the Diocese including all clergy, staff and volunteers in each parish is the Harassment and Bullying (formerly Dignity at Work) policy which can be downloaded here and is to be used as part of the organisation’s staff handbook or as a stand-alone document if there is no handbook.

For other HR policies we recommend you review the following websites (especially ACAS where relevant) and tailor the sample policies provided to suit the situation in your parish:

If you employ staff, the following list is the most commonly used HR policies, we advise including these in your staff handbook. For further advice please consult the Human Resources team.

We recommend having the following in place as a minimum, but this list is not exhaustive:

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Parishes are also encouraged to have a Whistleblowing Policy and a Complaints Process. View the diocesan examples.

For further information and guidance contact the HR Helpdesk on HRHelpdesk@london.anglican.org