Given that the LLF process is continuing into next year, we are keen to find a way forward that maintains the integrity and good conscience of those parishes in terms of their 2023 payments.

Our approach to Common Fund in this Diocese asks each parish to contribute their own costs of ministry (calculated by the Parish Standard Cost) and then, if the parish is able to do so, to contribute to support ministry in other parishes.

Some parishes will want to give over and above their costs but only if their support goes to certain other parishes. The Parish Standard Cost represents the amount it costs on average for the London Diocesan Fund to pay for each parish’s direct costs and its share of support costs. Parishes that are unable to meet the average costs are relying on other parishes from across the breadth of the Diocese and wider diocesan funds to support them financially. This is normally seen as a positive expression of our interdependence and generosity.

We recognise that, at this time, you may not be able to participate in that interdependence and generosity in good conscience but we would expect that you are able to give your Parish Standard Cost or the amount of your original pledge.