Gypsy Roma and Traveller Friendly Churches – a website and resources, to support churches to include Gypsies, Roma and Traveller people in the regular life of the church.

After the flood: the church, slavery and reconciliation – a 67 minute feature documentary -available to rent or buy- which shows how the 18th century Church became embroiled in chattel slavery and asks what this means for Christian reconciliation today. A six-session workbook based on the film’s themes for group work or individual study is also available (£5).

Fund for race discrimination cases – a support fund for people who are going through the legalities of racial discrimination cases.

Beyond the Lych gate – a Strategic Diagnostic of Church Culture and Practices that Marginalise and Disenfranchise Black, Asian Minority Ethnic People in the Church of England – Dr. Sanjee Perera.

songs2serve – A collection of songs that helps shape intercultural worship in churches so all can meet with God in their own language.

Conversations on race and culture in the church in the UK: Anna Poulson and Bishop Lusa talk about their experiences and passion for a truly intercultural Church in the UK.

Picturebooks 4 RE – a collection of children’s books which promote acceptance, belonging and diversity. With thanks to Karl Duke, Headteacher of Blyton cum Laughton Church of England Primary School.

Guvna B on racial justice and the Church – an article by the award-winning Christian artist, on the 30th anniversary of Stephen Lawrence’s murder.