The online portal enabling you to apply for DAC advice is now live. Applying online via the portal gives you a guarantee that your case is “in the system” and it also makes it easier for the documents to be circulated to DAC members and other consultees, which should make for a quicker and smoother DAC process.

If you head over to the portal and log in using your registered email address you can select ‘DAC’ from the sidebar. Help and explanatory notes are provided throughout the application pages and in the FAQs below. If you have any questions about your application please contact a member of the Parish Property Support Team (details below). A detailed instruction guide is also available at the foot of the page.

Useful Contacts

  • Church Buildings Adviser – Patrick Booth – 020 3837 5053    (For all enquiries related to grant-funded repair projects and other conservation advice and enquiries relating to DAC casework and the online application process)
  • Diocesan IT Team – 020 7932 1234

Frequently Asked Questions

Please consult the guide ‘Online DAC Advice instructions’ available from the resources block at the bottom of this page.

By default anyone with a current position in a qualifying post. These are:

  • Principal Minister roles (Incumbent, Priest in Charge, Team Rector etc.)
  • Churchwarden
  • PCC/DCC Secretary
  • PCC/DCC Treasurer
  • Parish Administrator
  • Electoral Roll Officer
  • Specially nominated people. If you have someone in the parish who is helping to complete the application but is not in one of these posts please contact the Diocesan IT Team who can set this up for you – 020 7932 1234.

You must use the email address which is held in our database. Please contact your Area office if you need help with this. If you have more than one address registered on the database please use either the primary one, or the address associated with your post.

Yes. The diocesan IT Department can provide you with a unique email address for each person and forward email from them to the shared address.

It has been designed to work with any mainstream web browser. However not all versions of Internet Explorer on all versions of Windows work equally well. If you experience any problems (missing text, boxes, buttons etc.) please download and install Google Chrome. This is free and is extensively tested on this system.

You should always save your results as you progress. As a matter of good security you should log out or disconnect when you leave the computer unattended. The system will automatically ‘time out’ after two hours of inactivity and any unsaved changes will be lost.

You will receive an automatic notification email when your application is reviewed by a member of the Parish Property Support Team. This will not necessarily be the same day that you submit an application.

The system accepts Word documents (doc, docx), Excel spreadsheets (xls, xlsx), photos (jpg, jpeg) and pdf documents. If possible, please convert all attachments to PDFs.

If you have a large application with drawings please ask your architect to ensure the PDFs are rotated for viewing when opened. Photographs should be sized to no larger than an A4 sheet and be no more that 3Mbs.

Yes, you can edit and application and upload additional documents at any time

The Standard Information page is automatically completed with information that we hold about the church. If a box is blank you can add information. If a box is complete, you cannot edit it. However, if you feel the information is incorrect or out of date you can note the changes in the ‘amendments’ box at the top of the page.

Advice on writing Statements of Significance and Need can be found in this knowledge base article LINK NEEDED and also on Church needed

If you are unable to use the portal applications will still be accepted by email and post. The Parish Property Support Team will then upload these to the application portal on your behalf and you will receive a confirmation email.

The application portal is for applications for DAC advice. When you have received the DAC Notification of Advice you still need to apply for a faculty in the usual way, through the Diocesan RegistryLINK NEEDED

If you want your church to be discussed at a meeting we need the application by the first of the month (or the Monday following when the first falls on a weekend) in which the meeting is held. There are no meetings in August, September or December. Please contact the Parish Property Support Team if you have any queries.