Diocese of London logo

With this simple, clean visual identity, we not only have a logo that provides an easy way to show that we belong together, we also have one that links us with the wider Church of England.

Parishes have their own visual identities. We have designed this logo to sit alongside parish logos.

The diocesan blue is:
Hex: #005272
RGB: 0, 82, 114
CMYK: 100%, 28%, 0%, 55%

Downloadable assets

2030 Vision illustrations

The illustrations to represent the Diocese of London’s 2030 Vision ambitions and priorities were drawn by artist Lucy Panes.

London parishes are very welcome to use the illustrations in their own materials (the vision was written by the people in the parishes – both clergy and laity – so it belongs to them).

Click on the images below to access the full size version. You can then save the image to your computer or phone.

A4 posters

'For Every Londoner' Map

For a very high resolution version of the map (for large printing) please click here.

Vision banners