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Since 1998 the Diocese of London has been linked with the Anglican churches in two African countries: Angola and Mozambique.

The essence of ALMA (Angola London Mozambique Association) is relationships, and links between individual parishes, schools or other organisations are an important part of ALMA’s work. There are over 50 links at the moment.

Currently there are 43 London parishes twinned with parishes in Angola (9), Lebombo (13), Nampula (2) and Niassa (13). Seven schools are formally twinned and others are developing connections.

Becoming a Link Parish

If you think your parish might be interested in becoming a link parish, why not contact the ALMA Twinning Officer to talk about this further.

ALMA Sundays

Each year, ALMA celebrates its partners on ALMA Sunday, usually the Sunday nearest 12 July. There is often a special service in St Paul’s Cathedral, and parishes are encouraged to hold ALMA Sunday celebrations.

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