Emergency Repairs

If you would like to raise a non-emergency repair, you can do so using the Fixflo portal.

For Emergency repairs:

Phone: 01582 599 688 (during office hours)
Phone: 07976 890 230 (after 5pm and weekends)
Emergency phone numbers are for our contractor, Fitzgerald’s.

Not sure if your issue constitutes an emergency repair? See the section below

For further advice and assistance please email the residential property team: property.enquiries@london.anglican.org

The London Diocese Housing Team oversees approximately 560 homes, of which over 400 are occupied by members of clergy.

Our primary objectives are:

  • to ensure your safety and well-being
  • the best use all available resources at our disposal
  • to continually improve the service we provide, updating our policies and procedures to align them with the latest legislation and feedback from clergy

The current strategic objectives of the team include development of a 2030 net zero carbon plan and redesigning the quinquennial programme for 2024.

We are acutely aware that some of the restrictions on the use and maintenance of the property may seem more limited than desired. However, it is important to acknowledge that these restrictions are in place to prioritise safety and to maximise the use of available resources. We are grateful for your understanding.

Fixflo repairs portal

Image of hands holding a mobile phone

The best ways to report a non-emergency repair or maintenance issue is by using our online tool called Fixflo.

Fixflo allows you to log your repair issues, which are sent to the housing team or to an approved LDF contractor to assign and book an appointment for an operative to attend.

You can also upload photos to help our team better understand the issue.

If you are unable to access Fixflo or are having issues, please send your requests instead to property.enquiries@london.anglican.org

Click here to visit the Fixflo portal

The LDF will complete repairs and maintenance work to your home within the following timescales:

  • Emergency repairs – attendance target within 24 hours
  • Urgent Repairs- attendance target within 7 working days (request through Fixflo)
  • Routine repairs- attendance target within 28 working days
  • Burst water pipes and major leaks.
  • Overflowing drainage or sewers
  • Serious storm or flood damage
  • Gas safety
  • Electrical safety
  • Minor leaks
  • Reports of serious damp
  • Partially blocked drains (slow to drain)
  • Toilet or hot water issue
  • Guttering repair
  • General joinery repair to windows or doors
  • External repair to fencing, gates or garden walls
  • Requests for tree works
  • Reports of condensation

The guide sets the expectation between clergy and the London Diocesan Fund, and explains how the Housing Team deliver their service.

Click here to view and download the guide.

Safety inspections

To ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, the London Diocesan Fund (LDF) is obligated to conduct annual gas and boiler safety inspections as well as five-yearly electrical inspections for your home. To carry out these essential inspections, we have hired accredited contractors who will contact you to schedule either a gas or electrical inspection when it becomes due.

Contact details for the Housing Team

Jeremy Lock

Director of Housing and Investment: Overall responsibility for the operational delivery of the housing service.
jeremy.lock​@london.anglican.org 020 3837 5067

Daniel Warner

Head of Housing: Ensuring that that all properties in the Diocese are managed effectively and efficiently to maximise the missional and financial return. Overall leadership of the Housing Services team, with responsibility for overseeing repairs, quinquennial works, ingoing works, and compliance to maintain the integrity of the housing portfolio.
daniel.warner​@london.anglican.org 0203 837 5065

Natasha Ajai-Ajagbe

Senior Residential Property Manager: Arranges pre-vacation inspections for our outgoing clergy to discuss their experiences in the vicarage. Works closely with Archdeacons to handle new appointments, housing queries, and agreements, and is the main contact for estate agents with lettings and sales.
natasha.ajai-ajagbe​@london.anglican.org 020 3837 5064

Melinda Nyoko

Operations Manager: Ensures that health and safety compliance of our properties aligns with regulatory standards. Puts together policies and procedures that drive efficiency and effectiveness. Responsible for overseeing our data and customer service systems and processes.
Melinda.nyoko​@london.anglican.org 0203 837 5066

Nick Leach

Repairs Manager: Manages and supervises the Reactive Repairs service of the diocesan portfolio of 550 residential properties (400 of which are occupied by clergy and the remainder privately let).
nick.leach​@london.anglican.org 0203 837 5058

Jane Duffy

Property Administrator: The first point of contact for both clergy and external inquiries, provides administrative support to the Housing & Investment Property department, and plays a key role in health and safety and compliance by ensuring works are up to date on the system.
jane.duffy​@london.anglican.org 0207 932 1250

Alex Dykes

Maintenance Manager: Principally responsible for delivering Ingoing Works (necessary refurbishment works) to Clergy homes once vacant, including kitchen and bathroom improvements, up-to-date asbestos surveys and satisfactory electrical and heating systems.
alex.dykes​@london.anglican.org 0207 932 1208

Maquel Thomas

Kensington & Willesden Property & Asset Manager: Arranges pre-vacation inspections for outgoing clergy to discuss their experiences in the vicarage. Works closely with Archdeacons to handle new appointments, housing queries, and agreements.
maquel.thomas​@london.anglican.org 020 3837 5166

Panya Dimitriou

Edmonton & Stepney Property & Asset Manager: Arranges pre-vacation inspections for outgoing clergy to discuss their experiences in the vicarage. Works closely with Archdeacons to handle new appointments, housing queries, and agreements.
panya.dimitriou​@london.anglican.org 020 3837 5078

Key guidance documents about your home

Housing Team policies: