Area Finance Committees and Groups are sub-committees and sub-groups of the Area Councils.

The Area Council constitutions empower the Area Councils to form sub-committees and sub-groups, all of which are accountable to the Area Council and Diocesan Bishop’s Council & Finance Committee. The Area Council constitutions state that

  • the method of election or appointment of members is the decision of the Council;
  • sub-committees may include members who are not members of the Council;
  • every sub-committee should include a representative number of ordinary Council members, and normally require the Bishop, Archdeacon and Vice-Chair of the Council to be ex-officio members; however, sub-committees need not include a majority of Council members, unless the Council otherwise directs;
  • the Council is responsible for appointing the Chair of each sub-committee;
  • the Council may by specific resolution delegate to a sub-committee powers held by the Council (with the exception of certain matters). However, the ultimate responsibility for all decisions taken by a sub-committee or sub-group remains with the full Council.

The Terms of Reference and membership composition of one Area Finance Group is as follows:

Terms of Reference

  1. To monitor Common Fund targets and contributions for Deaneries and parishes
  2. To consider grant and loan applications from parishes, making recommendations to Area Council
  3. To identify parishes where stewardship programmes may be beneficial
  4. To create an annual cycle of agenda items so that important topics are discussed and are referred to Area Council at the relevant times in the year
  5. To discuss any other mattes referred to it by Area Council
  6. To make routine reports to each Area Council


  • The Bishop
  • The Archdeacon
  • Area Representative on the Diocesan Finance Committee
  • 4 parish treasurers or lay people with financial experience
  • 4 clergy, 2 of whom shall be Area Deans, if possible
  • Area Treasurer
  • The Area Finance and Stewardship Adviser

The Group has the power to co-opt two additional members, if necessary, to ensure that each deanery has a representative.