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The induction programme is for new incumbents, including Priests-in-Charge, Team Vicars, Associate Vicars and Curates-in-Charge.

A new incumbent arriving in a parish is a time of great upheaval both for the person concerned (and their family) and also for the parish. The Induction Programme aims to assist in making the process as smooth as possible. It cannot possibly answer all questions and issues that may arise but it is hoped that it provides clear reference points for questions and issues and provide contacts with human faces.

(Please note that there may be variations between Episcopal Areas in this process)

Induction process

  1. Archdeacon meeting
    Once the appointment has been agreed, the Archdeacon will meet the prospective Incumbent to show them around the parsonage and discuss other practical arrangements.
  2. Area Dean
    The Area Dean will normally be the first point of reference for most day-to-day matters and also for the arrangements of the Induction/Collation/Licensing. They will also ensure a warm welcome to Deanery Chapter.
  3. Welcome Day at London Diocesan House
    All new incumbents will be invited to a Welcome Day at London Diocesan House to meet the General Secretary, Heads of Department, the Director of the London Board for Schools and staff. Please contact Stellah Mubayiwa (stellah.mubayiwa@london.anglican.org) for details.
  4. Objectives and Progress
    During the first year to eighteen months in a new ministry, scheduled meetings will take place with:
    • The Area Bishop
    • Area Director of Ministry (ADM)
    • The Archdeacon
    These meetings will assist the new priest in setting objectives, gaining appropriate support and establishing development needs.
  5. Peer Mentor
    The Bishop and ADM will appoint a Peer Mentor. This will be an experienced colleague who will meet with the priest to accompany them through the first year to eighteen months of ministry (guidelines are provided).
  6. New Incumbents Residential
    All Incumbents who are new to the Diocese – or for whom it is the first incumbency – are expected to attend a five-day Diocesan New Incumbents Residential. This will be between 6 and 18 months into post. The Bishop or ADM and Ministry administrator will be in touch with details.
  7. Essential Courses
    All clergy are expected to take a full part in the Area and Diocesan Continuing Ministerial Development (CMD) programme. Within their first two years in post, they must attend three one-day seminars run by the diocese. These are:
    Safeguarding (within the first year and then repeated every three years)
    • Engaging with Difference (on hold, pending revision)
    • Interfaith Awareness (on hold from July 2022, pending revision)
    These three seminars aim to give important information and context for clergy in their ministry in London. Online booking for all currently available events is here.
  8. Ministerial Development Review
    From their second year in post all clergy are expected to take part in the Ministerial Development Review (MDR) process.
  9. Welcome to St. Paul’s
    All newcomers to the diocese are invited to Evensong at St Paul’s, followed by tours of the Cathedral and a brief talk from the Cathedral clergy. This is an annual event generally held at the beginning of the year.


Key Contacts

The induction process is run by the Area Directors of Ministry, with ongoing input from the Bishop, Archdeacon and Area Dean.
London Diocesan House staff are always happy to be contacted and will be pleased to meet as appropriate. Key contacts include:

  • Oliver Home, General Secretary
  • Jeremy Lock, Interim Director of Housing and Investment Property
  • Chris Harris, Director of Finance and Operations

At a local (Area) level, the following two key people will offer invaluable help, advice and assistance:

  • The Area Finance Adviser
  • The Area Administrator or Archdeacon’s PA

Details of all diocesan staff and clergy can be found in the online directory.

Further Information

For further information or to discuss any issues, please contact your Area Director of Ministry (or Bishop or Archdeacon). General enquiries can also be addressed to the Director of Ministry.
Revised November 2023