The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) is a well-developed system to help churches manage and develop their planned giving.

For parishes in the Diocese of London, it is free to sign up and use the service.

The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) is highly efficient.  For parishes in the Diocese of London, it is free to sign up and use the service.

Donor’s make their monthly (or quarterly, half yearly or annual) gifts by direct debit on the 1st of the month to PGS. The donation is restricted to the donors’ church.  PGS then claim the Gift Aid on the donation before transferring the full donation to the PCC’s account on the 10th of the month and transferring the Gift Aid once it has been received by them from HMRC (usually later the same month).

The Scheme also allows the donor to opt to increase their giving annual by the rate of inflation (RPI) and there is an option for the donor to be anonymous.

PGS are also able to process “one-off” gifts (transaction fee 1.5%) and claim the Gift Aid from HMRC.

How PGS works

On the first of the month the donor donates %30 by Direct Debit, on the 3rd of the month the donation arrives in the PGS account. On the 4th PGS claims Gift Aid of £12.50, and on the 10th the church receives the £50 donors gift. Once the £12.50 Gift Aid is received from HMRC that is also then sent onto the church. The total gift of £62.50 enables the church to grow confidently.

Benefits of PGS

  • Improves PCC cash flow – Gift Aid is returned each month
  • Saves administration time – deals with Gift Aid recording and claiming
  • Donors can opt to increase their gift annually by inflation
  • Reduces work for treasurer – only two entries on the bank statement each month
  • Free at point of use- the PCC receive the whole amount of the gift and the Gift Aid and there is no charge for resources

More information is available on the Parish Giving Scheme website:

Or contact your Area Finance Adviser