The Spark Fund provides young people with the initial funding required to try new and innovative missional ideas within a church or school context.

The goal is to encourage young people to share their faith, particularly focusing on those aged 11-18. The Spark Fund has been designed to be accessible for a diverse range of contexts, including churches who currently have little engagement with young people. Many churches have found their Spark Fund projects to be catalysts for growth in their work with young people at a local level.

Grant options available

There are two different grant pathways available to choose from, depending on the length of time and amount of input young people will have on the idea.

A fixed sum of £500 to spark missional youth projects with youth participation at their heart.

Up to £2,500 to enable churches or schools to catalyse their youth ministry, with young people engaged in the application process.

The criteria for funding is simple – you can find more details on this within the funding guidelines.

The Spark Fund is for:

  • Young peoples’ ideas and innovation
  • Projects which talk/share about faith in Jesus
  • Social action projects which integrate aspects of the Christian faith
  • Solid resources like publicity or food/refreshments for your event
  • Projects explicitly linked to your church or school
  • Projects with potential to appeal to 11-18s

What cannot be funded:

  • Employment of a paid youth worker
  • Project ideas that don’t demonstrate youth participation
  • A church youth project that isn’t missional or outward looking
  • Projects that lack detail and vision
  • Projects without an appropriate supervising adult


Download the application pack below and read the funding guidelines contained inside it. Submit your application or any questions to The Spark Fund Coordinator via email: