Once someone has completed their online document application, their identity needs to be verified.  This can be done in two ways through manual checks where recruiters see documentation in person or else using the new digital ID checks.

Using digital ID checks

The new digital ID checks mean document checks can be completed online, making the safer recruitment process smoother for applicants and recruiters.

How do digital ID checks work?

There is a step by step guide on how Digital ID Checking works here.

Why use Digital ID checks?

  • Less ID Documents required – just a passport for a Basic check or passport and driving licence for Standard/Enhanced checks.
  • Can be used for the Recruiter’s own application (if eligible) or for their relatives.
  • No need for recruiters to see original documents.
  • Address check completed digitally – perfect for people who do not receive paper bills or bank statements in the post.
  • Fast turnaround times.
  • A safe and more robust way of verifying ID documents.
  • Uses specialist technology to spot fraudulent documents that a person would not be able to replicate.

The guidance has been updated to reflect the option for digital ID checks and the latest version of the user guides are available here.

Documents that can be accepted for a digital ID check.

How much does it cost?

The cost for accessing Digital ID checks is currently being covered by the Diocese, so there is no additional cost to parishes.

Please select the option for a Digital ID Check only when inviting someone to do a DBS check. You will be invoiced if you select the option for a Right to Work check + Digital ID Check.

You do not need to check with the Diocese before submitting any Digital ID only checks.

What if an applicant does not have access to a computer?

Document checks can still be carried out manually in person if preferred or more convenient, just select the relevant option when going through the usual document check process on the DBS check portal.

What documents do I need to see for a manual document check?

You need to see three forms of ID for a manual document check. These must be original documents, not photo copies or anything like an online bank statement. This is the list of documents that can be accepted.

Can I still do document checks via video?

You can do the initial document check via video, but you will need to see the originals before the applicants starts in their post.