Pioneering is about firsts. Being the first to lead into a new space for and with others. Pioneers must be able to see a new future, and have the skills and gifts needed to make the future accessible now.

Pioneers connect with those outside the Church, to create fresh expressions of Church with and for them.
Pioneers are leaders of innovation, with a gift for seeing what God is doing and responding creatively to it.

How do I become a pioneer minister?

Do you believe God is calling you to serve as a pioneer minister? Some pioneers are ordained but most are lay. You will need to be ordained before you can preside over communion, weddings and baptisms.

Your starting point is to meet with your own vicar, chaplain, or equivalent, to talk with them about your sense of calling.

It is important you continually pray about your vocation throughout the discernment process.

Part of the Diocese of London’s 2030 Vision is ‘creative growth’. We have therefore developed a network of pioneer practitioners, both lay and ordained, who meet in Learning Circles across the diocese. We also offer consultation to parishes and churches seeking to explore pioneering.

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