This is for anyone who has completed their Basic and Foundation level training and needs to progress to the next level. It is required for anyone who has safeguarding leadership responsibilities or leads activities involving children and/or adults at risk, in particular:

  • Bell Tower Captains
  • Choir leaders
  • Churchwardens
  • Incumbents and clergy, including those that hold PTO
  • Licensed Lay Ministers/Readers
  • Leaders/Supervisors of work with children and/or adults at risk (paid or volunteer)
  • Music Group leaders
  • Parish Safeguarding Officers
  • PCC Safeguarding leads
  • Youth and Children’s Pastors

The training lasts three years and should be updated within three years of the initial training date.
Leadership training replaces the C2/C3 training.

We host both online and in-person sessions.

The training involves two sessions lasting 90 minutes each and both must be attended. You must complete the pre-work to attend the course which is detailed in the Participant Workbook.

Your completed workbook must be sent in a week before the first session, to You must also send in a reflection after the final session.

You will not be able to attend the training if you do not submit the workbook prior to the first session and your certificate will not be issued until your final reflection has been received.

Currently available course dates in 2024 are:

Online via ZOOM:

Group 18 – 1st & 8th July at 10am-11:30am – fully booked

Group 19 – 4th & 11th July at 7pm-8:30pm (EVENING) – fully booked

Group 20 – 10th & 17th July at 1:30pm-3pm

Group 21 – 16th & 23rd July at 10am-11:30am

Group 22 – 5th & 9th August at 10am-11:30am

Group 23 – 13th & 20th August at 10am-11:30am

Group 24 – 7th & 14th September at 10am-11:30am (SATURDAY)

Group 25 – 11th & 18th September at 10am-11:30am

Group 26 – 16th & 23rd September at 7pm-8:30pm (EVENING)

Group 27 – 26th September & 3rd October at 1:30pm-3pm

Group 28 – 5th & 12th October at 10am-11:30am (SATURDAY)

Group 29 – 8th & 15th October at 7pm-8:30pm (EVENING)

Group 30 – 11th & 18th October at 10am-11:30am

Group 31 – 28th October & 1st November at 10am-11:30am

Group 32 – 4th & 11th November at 1:30pm-3pm

Group 33 – 9th & 16th November at 10am-11:30am (SATURDAY)

Group 34 – 18th & 25th November at 7pm-8:30pm (EVENING)

Group 35 – 21st & 28th November at 1:30pm-3pm

Group 36 – 4th & 11th December at 10am-11:30am

Group 37 – 5th & 12th December at 1:30pm-3pm

In Person:

Group 03 – 12th & 19th September at 10:30am-12pm
London Diocesan House, 36 Causton Street, London, SW1P 4AU

Group 04 – 29th November & 6th December at 2pm-3:30pm
London Diocesan House, 36 Causton Street, London, SW1P 4AU

Please email if you have any questions.

Past courses:

Group 11 – 11th & 18th May at 10am-11:30am

Group 12 – 13th & 20th May at 1:30pm-3pm

Group 13 – 14th & 21st May at 1:30pm-3pm

Group 01 – 8th & 15th January at 10am-11:30am

Group 02 – 18th & 25th January at 7:30pm-9pm

Group 03 – 30th January & 6th February at 10am-11:30am

Group 04 – 12th & 16th February at 10am-11:30am

F2F Group 01 – 19th & 26th February at 10:30am-12pm

Group 05 – 24th February & 2nd March at 10am-11:30am

Group 06 – 1st & 8th March at 10am-11:30am

Group 07 – 5th & 12th March at 10am-11:30am

Group 08 – 10th & 24th April at 10am-11:30am

Group 09 – 11th & 25th April at 10am-11:30am

Group 10 – 22nd & 29th April at 7pm-8:30pm

F2F Group 02 – 30th April & 7th May at 10:30am-12pm

Group 14 – 4th & 11th June at 7pm-8:30pm (EVENING)

Group 15 – 5th & 12th June at 1:30pm-3pm

Group 16 – 15th & 22nd June at 10am-11:30am (SATURDAY)

Group 17 – 20th & 27th June at 1:30pm-3pm

Please note: you will need a Church of England account to book onto a course.

  1. Please visit
  2. If you do not currently have an account, you can create one there
  3. If you do have an account, you can log in there
  4. If you have forgotten your password, click the Reset Password link
  5. Once logged in click Online Courses followed by Leadership and then Diocese of London
  6. Select Request to Enroll
  7. Wait for your request to be approved, which could be the next working day
  8. Once approved you can log back on and then select Online Course(you can choose an in person course later), followed by Leadership, Diocese of London and then Choose Your Mode of Attendance
  9. Click Join this learning group next to Attend via ZOOM (if you would like to select an online course) or Attend in person for an in person course
  10. Click Next and then scroll down to the list of courses  and select the one that works best for you

For any questions please email