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There’s no more effective way of engaging with the London outside your regular congregation than throwing open the doors of your church and keeping them open. Welcoming people into your building makes it a living space and creates a whole new set of opportunities for engaging with the local community. It’s the best way of turning passers-by into friends and worshippers.

Here you can find out about the benefits of being open and how to overcome any of the concerns that might have put you off opening your church in the past. The case studies at the end demonstrate how other parishes have gone about it and show how the benefits can often go way beyond your expectations. While there’s no single right way of doing it, at the end of this toolkit you should have a clear idea of how to get started.

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Open Churches Toolkit
An open church door with a welcome sign

Who is this toolkit for?

An intro to the toolkit.

Who wants to come in

Who wants to come in?

The demand might be bigger than you think.

How to make visitors feel welcome

How to make visitors feel welcome

Providing a good welcome.

Giving your welcome a human face

Giving your welcome a human face

Providing a genuine welcome.

How other people are doing it

How other people are doing it

Stories from London churches.

Organ and large crucifix

Why open up?

What's the point in keeping your church open?

When and how to open up

When and how to open?

You don't have to open seven days week from dawn to dusk.

Security and safety: opening with confidence

Security and safety

Urban myths and well-founded concerns.