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/ 11 May 2017

One year on – parish fundraising in London

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After almost a year as the Parish Fundraising Manager, Carol Ward, explains more about the support and information, advice and guidance already available from the London Diocesan Fund and some funders you may want to approach.

I can hardly believe that I have worked as the Parish Fundraising Manager for almost a year now. And what an interesting year it has been. The more parishes I come in contact with, the more in awe I am of the support and outreach they provide to the local, and quite often wider, community through so many different projects and with many hundreds of volunteers.

We know that fundraising is hard work and so the Diocese of London decided to appoint a dedicated Parish Fundraising Manager (me!) to assist parishes in this quest by offering information, advice and guidance on the whole range of fundraising streams and techniques.

During the past year, I have offered 1: 1 advice to nearly 50 parishes and over 80 parishes attended our training sessions.

Topics covered range from how to launch a legacy campaign or a capital appeal for new or refurbished buildings to raising funds for food-banks or youth clubs.

Working with the Archdeacons, we are currently planning this year’s training events which will take place in each Episcopal Area.

Based on feedback provided by those attending the previous training, sessions could include:

  • How to communicate your campaign effectively;
  • How to generate income from your church buildings;
  • How to make applications to Trusts and Foundations;
  • How to approach individual major givers;
  • How to run profitable community events; and,
  • How to ensure compliance with the Fundraising Regulatory Code.

However, if there is a specific fundraising stream you would like to see included, please email me and I will do my very best to accommodate your request.

Another great place to find information, advice and guidance on fundraising is at fundmychurch on the Diocesan web site.  Included here are a range of ‘how to’ guides and fundraising toolkits that can be used to help a parish be more effective in their fundraising campaigns. More about starting and/or communicating a capital/fundraising campaign and engaging local people by carrying out a Community Audit – essential before undertaking any kind of fundraising – can also be found here.

And a gentle reminder. Getting in touch with the fundraising team at the early stages of your plans means that we can offer information, advice and guidance about the community audit or fundraising feasibility study that should be undertaken before any large (or small) campaign. We can also provide a list of possible funders for your project so please feel free to email me an outline of your fundraising challenge or call me on 020 7932 1264 to discuss further.

And finally, my top tip for this blog

Fundraising is not a ‘one size fits all’ phenomenon. Careful planning is needed to carry out a successful fundraising campaign large or small. It also helps to be aware of any training and/or funding initiatives that might help a parish meet its fundraising goals.

The list below shows some of the fundraising training opportunities that are available at present as well as some funding opportunities that are currently open, but please do remember to check the beneficial area and application dates before taking any further action!

The Foundation for Social Improvement has been awarded a grant totalling £199,580 to run a two-year training programme, helping small, local charities and community groups develop their fundraising skills – including digital skills.

The programme run by the FSI in partnership with LocalGiving, the Small Charities Coalition and Charity Finance Group, will provides over 5,000 fundraising training opportunities. It will include face-to-face events across the country, webinars and online learning resources, one-to-one advice and consultancy appointments, fundraising campaign planning support, and intensive mentoring matches. Training will be subsidised, helping organisations to take part who may not normally have the resources to attend.

Details of the training events will be added to the FSI’s website as they become available, with online resources for those who might not be able to attend the training.

The Mayor of London / London Assembly also provide training opportunities. If you are thinking about Crowdfunding, there is a workshop on crowdfunding on the 22 May 18:00 – 20:00 (which is free to attend!) as a part of a wider London strategy.

The Transform Foundation is a relatively new grant-making trust (registered with the Charity Commission in September 2015).

The ‘Q2’ round of their 2017 Charity Website Grant Programme is officially open. This unique programme will be providing £18,000 grants to fund the redevelopment of websites in order to:

increase their ability to raise funds more effectively serve their beneficiaries raise broader awareness of their cause If you’re interested in redeveloping your parish website then click here for more information on the grant programme and how you can apply.

Grant are principally aimed at charities with annual incomes between £350k and £30m, although smaller charities with ambitious plans for digital can also apply. Larger charities will also be considered for a specific project or fundraising sites.

Successful applicants in the past have included causes as diverse as community development, disability, education, theatre, mental health, hospices, national heritage, volunteering, family, children and youth, addiction, homelessness, international aid, and arts.

The London Community Foundation helps donors and grant-seekers pull together to support a variety of different projects. They have invested almost £50 million into charities and community projects throughout London and also provide occasional training, it is worth signing up for their email alerts.

The Peoples Health Trust provide grants to local organisations as part of a rolling programme. Sign up for their regular alerts and/or use their online resource to see if funding is available in your area.

Church Urban Fund  – Together Grants programme provides small grants of up to £5,000 for faith-based organisations to engage in social action, by supporting them to initiate or develop community work.

Carol is the Parish Fundraising Manager and can be found on Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri. You can email her or call her on 020 7932 1264 or through the twitter feed @fundmychurch.

About Carol Ward

Carol Ward is the Parish Fundraising Manager for the Diocese of London, and has a wealth of experience across many sectors for parishes to call on. She is married to Andy. Together, they have three children, two grandchildren, and a dog called Jack.

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