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/ 13 June 2018

The Grenfell Tower Fire Anniversary

The Grenfell Tower today, in Notting Dale

As we approach the first anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire on 14 June, churches and individuals are invited to show solidarity in prayer for all those who have been traumatized by the worst mass disaster London has experienced since the Second World War.


This can be done at home, in the many different churches of the diocese and beyond, or by joining the congregation at St Clement Notting Dale.

Parish churches may wish to organise their own prayer vigils or meetings around the anniversary, as the whole city remembers that tragic night.


From 6.00pm on Wednesday 13 June, together with its ecumenical partners, St Clement, the parish in which Grenfell Tower stands, will begin a 24-hour vigil, helping to carry the community in prayer through the anniversary and into the following day. The church will be a place of healing and quiet, open to all.

Prayers will be said at 1.30am, and the names of those who died will be read out.

The vigil will conclude with a Eucharist at 5.00pm on Thursday 14 June, celebrated by the Bishop of Kensington, Dr Graham Tomlin, with a sermon by the local Methodist minister, Mike Long. After the Eucharist, those who wish to join the Silent March should gather at Notting Hill Methodist Church. The March will depart shortly after 6.00pm.

A very large number of people around the Diocese showed practical support in 2017. One year on, we are encouraged to demonstrate our compassion in a wave of loving prayer for the community of North Kensington. Find out more.

Suggested resources

Psalm 102 (a lament)

Psalm 139 (an affirmation of God’s sustaining presence in creation)

Revelation 21. 1- 6 (the Easter proclamation of God as the beginning and end of all).


Prayer for Grenfell

Heavenly Father, sustain your beloved children in times of distress; Lord Jesus, as you became one with us, help us to work together to reveal your kingdom; Holy Spirit, fill our hearts and minds, and guide us into the ways of truth and justice.

Holy Trinity, Three Persons in One God, may we learn to listen; help us to love; bless and uphold the people of North Kensington and all who have been traumatized by the Grenfell Tower fire, and grant them your healing and peace. Amen.


Additional events

A number of events have taken place over the last week, which have included:

  • Grenfell One Year On: The faith communities reflect together. Wednesday 6 June, at St Clement’s Church.
  • The 2018 Premier Lecture, delivered by Bishop Graham Tomlin on “Rebuilding Community after Grenfell”.
  • Dedication of the St Clement Garden of Peace and Healing. Sunday 10 June, starting with a Parish Mass, at St Clement’s Church.
  • A simple Evening Vigil took place on Monday 11 June, 7.30pm at St Clement’s Church as the local community begin the journey through the Grenfell anniversary week.



More information can be found on the St Clement’s Church website.

Photo Credit: Sean Doherty.

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