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Vigil for Westminster victims
/ 24 March 2017

East Londoners called on to reject fear and stand together

The Bishop of Stepney led a vigil at St John on Bethnal Green last night for the victims of the Westminster attack, sharing the message that hate will not divide the people of Tower Hamlets.

Faith Leaders Vigil Trafalgar Square 23 March 2017
/ 24 March 2017

London faith leaders gather in solidarity at Trafalgar Square

Leaders from the capital’s faith communities stood united with Londoners yesterday evening, ahead of the public vigil in Trafalgar Square following Wednesday’s terrorist attack in Westminster.

STARS poster from Dalgarno Estate
/ 24 March 2017

STARS in the Dalgarno Estates

St Francis’ Church has served the Dalgarno Estates since the 1930s. Jean Elliott, Family and Children’s Minister, shares the story of one of the initiatives she runs in the community.

London Faiths Westminster terror incident statement
/ 22 March 2017

Faiths Forum for London Statement on the Westminster attack

A statement from Faiths Forum for London in response to today’s terror attack in Westminster.

Statement from Archdeacon of London over image of Houses of Parliament
/ 22 March 2017

Response to Westminster terror attack

The Archdeacon of London, Chair of the Faith Sector Panel of the London Resilience Forum, has issued a statement on today’s terror attack in Westminster.

The Church Housing Trust
/ 22 March 2017

Church Housing Trust launches booklet to support churches

The Church Housing Trust launches a booklet to advise churches who give on-the-spot help to homeless people in their parishes.

Dementia friendly gardening project - Credit C Overton Hart
/ 22 March 2017

Start a Conversation: lead the way on tackling isolation

Capital Mass and four other charities join the Jo Cox Foundation on Starting a Conversation to challenge isolation.

The Bishop of Islington talking to Amanda over coffee
/ 17 March 2017

Available to be sent every day

For our Frontline Fridays, Amanda talks to the Bishop of Islington about her calling as an ambassador for Jesus Christ in her daily life as a full time mother and out and about in the local community.

Young woman shrugging shoulders
/ 17 March 2017

The joy of ‘I don’t know’

Sometimes it can feel like, as children’s and youth workers, we have to know all the answers. But saying ‘I don’t know’ could be one of the most powerful, faith-formational things you could say.

Stn 7 - Jesus falls for the 2nd time - Excluded Artists
/ 9 March 2017

Stations of the Cross – Westminster community project for Lent 2017

St Stephen’s Rochester Row hosts Stations of the Cross produced by local Westminster groups, which are to be blessed by the Bishop of Kensington.

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