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/ 10 July 2020

ALMA Sunday & Gift Day

Could you feature the ALMA appeal in your service on Sunday 19 July? 

Zoom meetings for Jesus
/ 7 July 2020

Jesus Is Our Victory Zoom Group

A small group based in west London created a daily online group benefitting the lives of many, here and across the globe, as reported on the BBC Asian Network.

/ 7 July 2020

Parish Fundraising: Writing your Case for Support

A solid and well-constructed Case for Support is vital for a successful fundraising project. This document will sit at the very heart of your fundraising strategy and should be shared to make sure that everyone (both internal and external stakeholders) has a clear understanding of what is to be achieved and how.

/ 3 July 2020

Infographic: How are young people affected by the lockdown?

The children and youth team asked young people across London to share their lockdown experiences.

/ 3 July 2020

When we simply don’t know

A reflection from the Ven Richard Frank, the new Archdeacon of Middlesex.

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