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Strategic programmes: The Engine Room and St Francis Church, Tottenham Hale

People from the Engine Room at Hale Village in Tottenham
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‘By acting now, we are demonstrating that our place in the public realm is not based on historic accident nor misplaced respect for ancient institution, but upon the ability to do what no other organisation can do in forging community’

The Bishop of London, Richard Chartres KCVO

The new Engine Room Community and St Francis Church in Hale Village is the first project of its kind that the Diocese of London has embarked upon for 40 years. It has been amazing to see this community and Church grow since the inception of this project in 2010. The wonderful new building will equip the community for generations to come.

Bringing Hope to a Deprived Community

Hale Village is situated opposite where the London riots started in 2011. This regeneration project has built over 800 new homes and is a unique opportunity to transform the community.

Life at the Engine Room

The Engine Room is uniquely positioned to work as a foundation and as a driver for this community.

Building the Church and Community Centre

This project is ambitious. It is bold. It is innovative. It is the first new Anglican Church building to be erected in London for 40 years.

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