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/ 28 February 2023

Testing Your Hearing Loop

Many Churches have hearing loops but many do not know if they are working well or at all.

You have an obligation to test your hearing loop regularly and ensure that it is providing a strong and clear signal for those who wish to use it.

You can do this with a hearing loop tester.

A simple and easy to use one is the Contacta IL-RX20 Loop Listener with Headphones. You can buy this from many audio specialists for around £60.

This enables you to hear what is being broadcast by your loop and to test the strength of the field around your building.

Others are available ranging from around £50 to over £200.

Often hearing loops can work better in specific places and it is good to know where these are so information can be provided for hearing aid users.

You should be testing your loop at least monthly so you can confidently provide information about this being available in your publicity.

If you need further help and advice, contact your audio installer or talk to John Beauchamp john.beauchamp@nulllondon.anglican.org

About John Beauchamp

The Reverend John Beauchamp is the Diocesan Disability Ministry Enabler. The role was created in 2021, and sees John leading on issues concerning disability at all levels across the Diocese of London.

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