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/ 8 April 2021

Reimagine: leading the Church out of lockdown

Reimagine is a set of resources to help you reflect and think through the process of leading churches forward into a post-lockdown world.

Originally developed in Leicester Diocese, the resources are now also available on the CCX website (the Gregory Centre for Church Multiplication). They are designed to help you in your reflecting, reimagining, and rebuilding.

How can we open ourselves to what God is saying to us and allow him to reshape us? What will church look like for parishes in the coming months? This moment presents an opportunity for change to the Church.

Because of the disruption that we have experienced, we now have the chance to reimagine the Church of tomorrow.

This time of lockdown has been exhausting for many, but the hope is that these tools will be helpful in making this process feel possible.

View the resources on the CCX website


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