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/ 20 June 2019

Little Worship Company – a review

The Little Worship Company have launched a new resource for those working with children under 7 and their families. Katie O’Conor checks it out.

I was recently invited along to the launch of a new Christian resource for children and families. Little Worship Company (LWC) is the first project coming out of Wonderborn Studios. Targeted at 0 to 7-year-old children and their grown-ups, LWC is a world of resources that seeks to help adults and children alike discover more of God together. There is a Bible curriculum for church groups, a devotional book for the whole family to engage with at home and an app full of Bible verses, stories, games and more for on the go.

The whole thing is produced to an excellent standard, from the beautifully filmed music videos and child-friendly Bible quotes to the family devotional, jam-packed with thoughtful reflections, craft ideas, discussion starters and prayers. Their vision is to be the CBeebies of the Christian market, something that can be seen from the production levels and child-friendly, fun factor seen throughout each product.

The thing that I really appreciate about the LWC resources is its versatility. The curriculum is an incredible product, offering a full 32-week curriculum, including a curriculum book, a box set of 32 lesson plans and a DVD of all series one episodes. Each session can be adapted to a Sunday kids’ church setting, for assemblies, for Messy Church or even a toddler group. This is such a win, as one £140 purchase could set you up for a year of activities in all your different settings.

I also love the idea of what you’re doing on a Sunday or in a toddler group being continued at home using the same themes. The family resources are very reasonably priced and compliment the church curriculum perfectly. With the app alongside, further enhancing all that’s being taught, you are bringing a consistency to a child’s life that can help them grow and form their own faith.

If you’re looking for something new for September, I would highly recommend this resource.


Katie O’Conor is Children’s Ministry Support Worker for the Diocese of London.

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