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/ 14 October 2021

General Synod Election Results

Congratulations to the successful candidates on their election.

The documents at the base of the page are the signed return of the elections to the General Synod Houses of Clergy and Laity, which show the successful candidates names, and the election results sheets.

The candidates elected to represent the Diocese of London are:


  1. Jon Carter
  2. Amatu Christian-Iwuagwu
  3. Lis Goddard
  4. Fiona Jack
  5. Sarah Jackson
  6. Luke Miller
  7. Charlie Skrine
  8. Jody Stowell
  9. Robert Thompson
  10. Christopher Trundle
  11. Marcus Walker



  1. Philip Baldwin
  2. Liz Brutus
  3. Debbie Buggs
  4. Sophie Clarke
  5. Sarah Finch
  6. Aiden Hargreaves-Smith
  7. Fiona MacMillan
  8. Clive Scowen
  9. Busola Sodeinde
  10. Temitope Taiwo
  11. Robert Zampetti



GS Election 2021 (London) - Laity Election Return.pdfDownload
GS Election 2021 (London) - Clergy Election Return.pdfDownload
GS Election 2021 - Results Sheet - Laity.xlsxDownload
GS Election 2021 - Results Sheet - Clergy.xlsxDownload

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