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/ 14 May 2020

Five finger prayer

There may be more pulling on our time than before, in ways that we’re still trying to get used to. There’s kids schoolwork, our own work, housework and all the other minutia that fill up life. If you’re reading this, you’re probably trying to fit in things that are growing yours and your children’s faith too. We want to give you a prayer tool that will help you in those moments when it can be hard to think of things to pray for. The 5 finger prayer will help give you some direction and, as you have your hands with you all the time, you could do this with your family over dinner, before bed or at any point that takes your fancy.

5 finger prayer.

For this you simply need your hand. For each finger there is a different category of person that you can pray for together. You could have you children draw around their hand and then write on each finger who they want to pray for.

Thumb: Those closest to your heart – family and friends

Pointer finger: Those giving direction – teachers, doctors…etc

Index finger: Those in leader – Government, business, church.

Ring finger: Those who are weak – sick, poor.

Pinky finger: Yourself.


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About Katie O'Conor

Katie is the Children’s Ministry Support worker and Apprenticeship Scheme Coordinator for the Diocese of London. She loves connecting with people across London and helping the diocese think more about how we can best support children and families ministry across the diocese, working with the children and youth team to support churches.

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