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/ 16 February 2021

Exploring Healing Ministry

The Guild of Health & St Raphael have launched an initiative called the ‘Healthy Healing Hub’, aiming to help churches engage in a ministry of healing as part of a holistic approach to mission.

‘The Healthy Healing Hub project takes churches on a journey to explore and equip how they can be places of healing in their community – we do this through training, a supportive community and ongoing resourcing’.

It is both theological and practical, offering online training courses such as:

  • an overview of the healing ministry;
  • healing and mission;
  • healing where we are; and
  • healing ministry and discipleship

as well as guidelines for entering into partnerships with local healthcare providers. There are three tiers of membership, and the journey is laid out on their website.

They run training throughout the year, and churches can get the training costs reimbursed if they attain a membership tier.

Watch this short film to find out more:

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