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/ 25 August 2020


Our natural environment

Creationtide – otherwise known Creation Time, or the Season of Creation – begins on Tuesday 1 September 2020, and continues till 4 October.

4 October is also St Francis Day, in honour of St Francis of Assisi, the informal patron saint of animals and the natural environment which is God’s Creation.

Creationtide is an opportunity for churches to include in their liturgy prayers for the protection of creation and a special emphasis on the promotion of sustainable lifestyles.

For 2020, the theme Jubilee for the Earth is proposed. Resources can be found at Green Anglicans, and at this page compiled by the Diocese of Exeter.

Doxecology, a collection of 13 contemporary, congregational worship songs on themes of creation, ecology and Christian hope, may also be used during Creationtime. Members of St Stephen’s Church Ealing have produced a booklet with reflections and actions for use during Creationtide (download at the foot of this page).

Many churches pick one Sunday during the season of Creationtide to focus especially on environmental themes. Therefore, the first Sunday in Creationtide 2020, 6 September 2020, has been identified as the first opportunity for churches to celebrate the UK’s first Climate Sunday.  See Climate Sunday: giving a voice to local churches.

For more information on Creationtime and other annual dates relating to the environment, see also The Environment Around the Year.

See also our landing page about the Environment and Sustainability.


Creationtide Booklet (pdf)Download

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Brian is the Head of Environment and Sustainability at the Diocese of London.

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