Since the launch of Capital Vision 2020, we’ve heard stories of parishes discussing Capital Vision 2020 in their PCCs, showing the film and praying during a regular Sunday service – and already finding points of connection with existing plans or ideas. In the background, many people have been working on those things which will enable these plans. Here’s just some of what’s happening.

Capital Vision film

9,000 people have seen the Capital Vision 2020 film – are you one of them? We’ve had some amazing feedback, from young people, from within and outside the Diocese, a great way to start a discussion on your story. The film, discussion guide, and resources are available on the Diocesan website to download or to order.

Doubling the number of young people

Doubling the number of young people involved in our local Christian communities could sound ridiculous. But then you get thinking. And then you start to wonder if we could do actually this…. Read more….

New church presence

Have you read about the first of 100 new worshipping communities? It’s a new church presence in a new place in Tottenham Hale. We’ve just launched Engine Room where the new church will begin meeting, with Mass, family church, prayer meetings and bible study establishing themselves in the daily rhythm of this new community

Ride and Stride

On Saturday 14 September the Diocese is taking part in Ride+Stride, the annual, nationwide open churches and fundraising event. This will be the biggest-ever Ride+Stride in London, with nearly 100 places of worship signed up across the capital.

Beyond Sundays

The Diocese of London has released new research assessing for the first time the impact of churches’ voluntary and community activities in the Diocese of London. The analysis finds that activities, staff and volunteer time amount to an estimated total contribution of £33 million annually across London. In the Diocese of London, there are 1,000 community projects with 10,000 volunteers that benefit an estimated 200,000 Londoners annually. The Beyond Sundays report provides a glimpse of the many individual ways in which churches in London are already working with their communities to put into practice Capital Vision 2020.

Investing in leadership

We set investing in leadership as a priority – the final planning is happening for Riverside at St Jude’s – a new clergy leadership programme starting in September.

100,000 ambassadors

The first of the 100,000 ambassadors have been commissioned as more than 100 confirmation candidates have been commissioned by Bishops as members of the 100,000 ambassadors and presented with an olive cross to mark the commissioning.

The latest news is on , and we’ll keep you posted with ideas for taking Capital Vision forward in your parish or deanery – and share the stories we hear from around the Diocese.


Written by Debbie Clinton, Manager of Capital Vision 2020.