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What we do: Environment and sustainability

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Climate change

The most urgent and threatening environmental challenge the world is facing is climate change.

Expert reports by the United Nations have shown how the surface of our planet is melting, flooding and burning.

The Church of England is ramping up its efforts. New actions and targets are planned by the national Environmental Working Group.

See Global heating and climate change.

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Whose future?

Climate change and other dangerous environmental changes are a challenge to governments, businesses, people young and old, communities, people, churches. Us. Our lives will change. Our actions can influence how.

In 2009, at a meeting on the environment in Lambeth Palace, a then government minister, the Rt Hon Joan Ruddock MP, said:

“We used to think that climate change was a problem for our grandchildren, then we found out it was a problem for our children, now we realise it is a problem for us.”

We want the voice of children and young people to be heard and reflected in our actions concerning the environment, especially climate change. It is their future.

Christians believe the future is also in God’s hands, and we must ultimately answer to God.

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To find out more

Contact Brian Cuthbertson, Head of Environment and Sustainability.

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