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Stipend scales, removal grants and fees

Stipend scales and rates are reviewed annually, with changes normally coming into effect from 1 April each year.

Stipend scales from 1 April 2017

  • Archdeacon: £36,040
  • Incumbent: £26,150
  • Associate Vicars*: £26,000
  • Assistant Curates (including title posts): £24,538

*Although the Diocese acknowledges the title of Associate Vicar, it is not a legal appointment and therefore not an official title. The Church Commissioners will show all Associate Vicars as Assistant Curates, full or part time, as applicable.

Off-Common Fund posts from 1 January 2017

  • Stipend: £26,100
  • NI: £2,100
  • Pension: £9,400
  • Council tax: £2,000
  • Housing: £11,600

Removal grants on appointment from 1 April 2017

  • First Appointment Grant: £2,380
  • Resettlement Grant: £2,380

In addition, the London Diocesan Fund will reimburse the cost of removal expenses. However, we are obliged to have on record three written estimates of removal costs with each grant claim form as our auditors can request these.

NB: For any clergy starting a new appointment where a parish is responsible for covering the stipend and on costs (i.e. they are “off Common Fund”), the responsibility for paying these removal grants on appointment is also the responsibility of the parish.

Car mileage rates 2016/17

  • Car mileage below 10,000 miles: 45p
  • Car mileage over 10,000 miles: 25p
  • Motorcycle mileage allowance: 24p
  • Pedal cycle mileage allowance: 20p

Recommended scale of fees for priests undertaking occasional duty from 1 January 2017

  • One service per Sunday: £43
  • Two services per Sunday: £49
  • Weekday service: £32

Travel expenses should also be offered.

Self Supporting Ministers and Licensed Lay Ministers (Readers) are not eligible for these fees but should be offered travel expenses.

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