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About us: Discerning our 2030 Vision

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Listening to London, Listening to God

Please join us as we pray and listen to discern God’s plans for our city.

Capital Vision 2020 started us down a journey to becoming more confident, compassionate and creative in bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our communities, and to show the love of our Creator. There is much to celebrate and build on – from the 56 new worshipping communities that have started, to the 40,000 Ambassadors commissioned and encouraged to live and proclaim the good news of Jesus.

Now, as we begin to look forward towards 2030, we are getting on our knees once again to pray and listen to what God has in store for the Diocese of London.

Take the Survey Here

What have we learnt from the past five years of Capital Vision? As we look forward, what do we need to start doing and what do we need to stop doing? What would it take to bring the Father’s love and the gospel of Jesus to our communities so that many more come to faith in Christ and have their lives transformed?

We’ve created an online survey that asks a few of those simple questions which are worded for people of Christian faith and for those without. You can answer the questions as a church community, or individually. You can take the survey to your friends, family, colleagues or those you regularly come into contact with. It’s up to you.

Resources to help you engage and run a listening session

We’ve also put together some helpful notes for facilitating group discussions, a bible study for reflection and word versions of the survey for church and non-church audiences. We would also encourage you to share this link in your social media circles and church newsletters: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/london2030vision.

We will be closing the survey at the end of July and then distilling the responses to help focus our Diocesan vision and plans.

Ideas to gather responses to our 2030 vision questions

• Gather congregation members for a listening session after a Sunday service for 40 minutes over tea/coffee
• Take the survey questions to your APCM, PCC or other church gathering
• Take time to do this as part of a lunch club / coffee morning
• Answer the questions in mid-week groups – prayer, bible study or other home or community groups
• Share this survey link in your e-newsletter or regular communications
• Share the survey link via social media to your networks – both in and outside the church

Thank you for taking part.

Sarah Mullally, Bishop of London

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