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Weddings and marriage guidelines

This page contains advice specific to conducting weddings in the Diocese of London. There is much wider information available in the Church Support Hub.

Important information – essential reading

As a result of the Immigration Act 2014, from Monday 2 March 2015, it will be unlawful for the marriage of any person who is not a ‘relevant national’ to be solemnised in the Church of England after the publication of banns OR by a Common Licence. Please read the Bishop of London’s Ad Clerum for advice from the Registrar and the Church of England. The rest of the content on this page may have been superseded by this information.

Marriage By Common Licence

  • A Common Licence questionnaire is available to download from this page.

Marriage after divorce

For those who wish to remarry in church after divorce, these supporting documents give the pastoral and legal position, and can be downloaded from this page.

  • Bishops’ Pastoral Letter to Clergy
  • Guidance notes
  • Application form

Guidelines for Non-EEA nationals

For non-EEA Nationals wishing to marry in church, marriage by Common Licence is recommended. These supporting documents may be of assistance, and can be downloaded from this page:

  • Bishop of London’s letter
  • Registrar’s guidance
  • House of Bishops guidance
  • UKBA guidance

Recording and filming of services

There are regulations concerning the filming of wedding services. Read advice, or download a sample agreement here:


Common Licence Questionnaire  Download  
Non-EEA Bishop of London's letter  Download  
Non-EEA House of Bishops guidance  Download  
Non-EEA UKBA guidance  Download  
Non-EEA Registrar's guidance  Download  
Marriage in church after divorce: Bishop of London's letter  Download  
Marriage in church after divorce: information for couples  Download  
Marriage in church after divorce: leaflet and application form  Download  

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