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/ 1 August 2019

Bishop of Edmonton welcomes report into serious youth violence

Responding to the Home Affairs Committee’s report on serious youth violence, the Bishop of Edmonton, the Rt Revd Rob Wickham, said:

“Today’s report is a welcome contribution to the debate on serious youth violence, which the Committee rightly characterises as a ‘national emergency’. I hope this is a wake-up call to the Government, whose leadership on this issue has been lacking in recent years.

“I see the impact of serious youth violence across London, both as a Bishop in North London, but also in my previous role as Rector of Hackney. It is shocking that young people are dying and some, particularly vulnerable, people are subsequently beset by fear, injury and loss.   I’m particularly hopeful that many of our churches and schools are places where support and love are sought, through the incredible ministries of local clergy and congregations.

“Across the Diocese of London, inspiring work is being done to reach out to those in vulnerable positions, but we can only do so much.  There is no easy answer, and it is incumbent on Government, statutory agencies, third-sector organisations and local communities to work together to tackle this scourge.

“Nevertheless, MPs are right to say that action, not empty rhetoric, is required from Government.  With a new Prime Minister and Home Secretary, now is the time to make tackling a serious youth violence a priority. My colleagues and I within the Diocese of London will continue to work to do so, for the sake of young people across the Capital.”

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