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The Spark Fund provides financial support for 11-25s in the Diocese of London to run a missional project aimed at their generation.

We’re looking for young people to come up with new ideas to help their generation explore the Christian faith. Your idea could be anything: an organised event, online media presence, commissioned art, or something else entirely.

There are two streams of funding available: mini grants and standard grants. Each of these have a unique approach and are there to support young people in the most appropriate way for their idea.

NEW Mini grants:

£500 for your church to guide young people in coming up with a missional idea to try together. Designed for speedy short-term or one-off projects!

Standard grants:

£500-£5,000 awarded to young people who apply with a specific idea in mind. A longer process with project management required, but larger grants.


Watch this video to find out more about what we’re looking for young people to do with their grants.


There are two main funding sources available from The Spark Fund: mini-grants and standard grants. These have different processes due to the difference in the level of financial responsibility and the scale of the projects.

Before you submit an application, please make sure you read the guidelines. These ensure you know exactly what we expect and what kind of projects we are looking to fund.


(short-term / one-off projects)

1: Submit an application

An adult sponsor will submit an application (takes less than 5 minutes). We’ll review it and respond within one month. If successful, you’ll receive a ‘grant offer letter’ with resources to lead your group through the ideation process – including a video to spark some ideas.

2: Decide and run your project

Use the resources we provide, or adapt your own, to come up with the missional idea you’re going to try. Return the signed grant offer letter to us and we’ll release the funds so you can run your project!

3: Wrap up and celebrate!

After 12 months or at the end of your project (whichever is sooner), we’ll invite you to submit your evidence of expenditure and a mini report on your project. You’ll also receive an invitation a celebration event, where you’ll hear about all the other projects that have happened across the Diocese of London.


(long-term / larger projects)

1: Submit your idea

Submit your idea through our online form. If it fits the guidelines, you’ll receive an invitation to attend a “Funding Factory” workshop to develop your idea further.

2: Attend the workshop

Here, you’ll develop your idea into a feasible plan, with help from professionals who are using their skills to share the gospel every day.

During the workshop, you’ll begin filling in the grant application form, which you’ll complete and submit with help from your adult sponsor.

3: Pitch your plan

After your grant application is submitted, you’ll be invited to present to The Spark Fund’s board. We’ll support you to do this, and your adult sponsor will help you prepare!

4: Start your project!

If your pitch is successful and the funds are granted to help make your idea a reality, your church or school will receive the funding in stages. Along the way, we’ll ask you to show how you’ve spent the money and share the impact it’s having.

Decisions are announced as soon as the board can meet after presentation night.


All Souls Youth

All Souls Hackney

Young people at All Souls are planning to refurbish their current youth room to draw in more teenagers from the surrounding community. They plan to run workshops, events, homework clubs and more.

“On behalf of my team and All Souls Church, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the opportunity and for choosing us. We find it amazing that Archdeacon Liz is really behind us on this too! Thank you so much.”
Julia, project lead

Bishop Ramsey Chapel

Bishop Ramsey School

A group of students from Bishop Ramsey School took their friends on a retreat to explore the the Christian faith and build relationships away from the normal pressures of life.

“A lot of the students don’t come from wealthy families, so paying for a weekend away might not be an option. We can now offer our friends a trip where we can deepen our understanding of the Christian faith and create a safe space where we can introduce them to God.”

Whosoever youth 7

Whosoever Youth

Whosoever is a local movement started by a group of young people attending churches in Uxbridge. Using events, workshops, video and social media, they drew people their own age into the church community.

“It’s a great opportunity to connect with our own ages and help them find their belonging in Christ.”
Tom, project lead

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