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The Spark Fund helps 12-25s in the Diocese of London run a missional project.

We're looking for young people to come up with innovative ways to help their friends explore the Christian faith. Your idea could be anything; an organised event, online media presence or something else entirely.

With support from professional creatives and your youth worker or vicar, you'll develop your idea into a plan, pitch to receive a grant of £500 or more, then run your project.

Round 3 is open!

Ideas can be submitted any time to be considered for each round of funding. Ideas for round 3 funding must be submitted by 9 April 2021. Click to expand the headings to find out how the process works.

1: Submit your idea

Submit your idea through our online form. It will be reviewed by our team and if fits within our guidelines, you’ll receive an invitation to attend a “Funding Factory” workshop.

Deadline for idea submissions: 9 April

2: Attend the online workshop

You’ll develop your idea into a feasible plan with help from amazing facilitators who are using their skills to share the gospel every day.

During the workshop, you’ll begin filling in the grant application form, which you’ll complete and return to us later with help from your Sponsor.

Next Funding Factory Workshop: Tuesday 20 April

3: Pitch your plan (online)

After your grant application is submitted, you’ll be invited to present your finished idea to The Spark Fund’s board. We’ll be on hand to make sure your idea is presented as well as possible, and your Sponsor will be able to help you prepare.

Presentation evening: Tuesday 18 May

4: Start your project

If your pitch is successful and the funds are granted to help make your idea a reality, your church or school will receive the funding in stages. Along the way, we’ll ask you to show how you’ve spent the money and share the impact it’s having.

Decisions announced: 1-2 weeks after presentation night

Got an idea?

Some of the projects so far

All Souls Youth

All Souls Hackney

Young people at All Souls are planning to refurbish their current youth room to draw in more teenagers from the surrounding community. They plan to run workshops, events, homework clubs and more.

“On behalf of my team and All Souls Church, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the opportunity and for choosing us. We find it amazing that Archdeacon Liz is really behind us on this too! Thank you so much.”
Julia, project lead

Bishop Ramsey Chapel

Bishop Ramsey School

A group of students from Bishop Ramsey School took their friends on a retreat to explore the the Christian faith and build relationships away from the normal pressures of life.

“A lot of the students don’t come from wealthy families, so paying for a weekend away might not be an option. We can now offer our friends a trip where we can deepen our understanding of the Christian faith and create a safe space where we can introduce them to God.”

Whosoever youth 7

Whosoever Youth

Whosoever is a local movement started by a group of young people attending churches in Uxbridge. Using events, workshops, video and social media, they drew people their own age into the church community.

“It’s a great opportunity to connect with our own ages and help them find their belonging in Christ.”
Tom, project lead

Meet the board

AD Liz Adekunle


Liz Adekunle is the Archdeacon of Hackney and the project sponsor for Capital Youth.

Nikkita Robert


Nikkita grew up in Southall and completed the Apprenticeship Scheme in 2018. She is currently a youth worker in the Kensington Area.

Karen Silcott


Karen is a youth-worker-turned-vicar with a passion for seeing young people engage in faith at school, with a specialism in interfaith education.

Toby Lewis


Toby is a professional film maker who loves to see young people using their skills and passions in creative ways.

James Fawcett


James is co-founder of CONCRETE, a platform that aims to connect youth workers and amplify thinking. He has over 10 years experience in youth work and urban mission.

Joy Faulkner-Mpao


Joy is a school chaplain with years of youth work experience. She is passionate about co-participation and youth-led projects.

The Ven. Liz Adekunle,
Archdeacon of Hackney

“Young people are a crucial part of our church communities - the church suffers when we miss out on your unique knowledge, insight and creativity. We want you to shape the way the church reaches out to young people today. As you do this, we will invest in you to help you grow as a leader and develop skills that will help you throughout your life. Most of all, we are looking forward to seeing our church communities being changed as we listen to you and learn from your experiences to further God's kingdom on Earth.”

Got an idea?