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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect in the UK from 25 May 2018. It replaces the existing law on data protection (the Data Protection Act 1998) and gives individuals more rights and protection regarding how their personal data is used by organisations.

GDPR parish resources

Just like any other organisation, parishes and churches must comply with the requirements of the GDPR. We encourage parishes and churches in the Diocese to use our GDPR Toolkit for Parishes, which has been carefully drawn up. You can download the whole GDPR Toolkit, Action Plan checklist, Data Audit questionnaire and various templates from ‘Resources’ below.

GDPR workshops were attended earlier in the year, by clergy and lay participants from across the Diocese. The feedback received indicate that the workshops have been helpful in drawing out many of the issues that parishes face. In order to capture the training provided, the final workshop was filmed.

Video of the workshops is available here.

To get the most out of the training which the video provides, at least 1hr 45mins should be set aside. There are 5 pauses to ‘reflect and share’ at intervals throughout the presentation. The video is 1hr 15mins long; about 5 minutes should be allowed for each opportunity to ‘reflect and share’.

The slides shown at the workshops are included in the film. These have also been provided separately, along with questions and answers gathered from all of the workshops, and are available under ‘Resources’ below.

If you have data protection queries you are welcome to email us at GDPR@nulllondon.anglican.org.


GDPR Parish workshop slides  Download  
GDPR Parish Workshop Q&As (PDF)  Download  
GDPR Parish Workshop Q&As (Word)  Download  
GDPR Toolkit for parishes  Download  
GDPR Action Plan Checklist (Appendix 2)  Download  
Audit Questionnaire (Appendix 3)  Download  
Consent form template (Appendix 4)  Download  
Privacy notice template for non-role holders (Appendix 5a)  Download  
Privacy notice template for role holders (Appendix 5b)  Download  
Data Protection Impact Assessment (Appendix 6)  Download  
Data Protection Impact Assessment checklist  Download  

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