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The small team in the Synodical Department provides advice on governance matters, including issues relating to PCCs and Annual Meetings, elections and data protection, and more widely on the synods and councils that make up the governance framework of the Diocese.

Diocesan Governance

For information on the Bishop’s Council, Diocesan Synod, members and meetings, see read more here.

Parish Governance

A letter is sent to PCC Secretaries every year in the spring, containing up-to-date information on parish governance; links to various resources, and any changes in the regulations. A copy of the letter is sent to parish clergy and to other parish officers.

Governance at parish level is part of the overall governance framework of the diocese and wider Church or England. For instance, it is those on the electoral rolls of their parishes that are eligible to stand for election to synodical bodies such as deanery synods, the Diocesan Synod (pictured above) and the General Synod.

Once a person has been elected to any of these bodies, they also become a member of their PCC.

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