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Our 2030 Vision: Creative Growth

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Creative growth

Imagine if the Church doubled in the next ten years. How would that change lives and influence our city? As we aim to be a church for every Londoner to encounter the love of God in Christ, we believe we must be intentional about growing and multiplying the Church to reach new people, in new places, and in new ways.

Starting with prayer as our foundation and building on the momentum of more than 75 new worshipping communities which have grown up in the diocese over the last seven years, we are now encouraging every parish to start a new worshipping community in the next decade.

Alongside this and supporting the desire we have to see creative growth and multiplication in all our churches, we are inviting every parish into a regular learning process through the Grow Course to clarify and engage with the key aspects of vocation, formation, mission and multiplication.

In addition, we want to embrace and amplify the opportunities already provided by life-events such as weddings and funerals, for people in our city to encounter the love of Christ in times of joy or sorrow, wherever they are on life’s journey.

The Centre for Church Multiplication, led by the Bishop of Islington, has a full range of courses and training available. Visit their website or click on one of the icons below.

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