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Confident Disciples: Lent Listening Groups

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Exploring listening as a key practice in our journey of faith
and how it can strengthen our relationship to self, the other and God.

For Lent 2024, all across London Diocese are invited to a deep dive into the theme of listening as a tool for deepening discipleship. We will engage with a simple listening group format that can be used by churches, small groups, or other friendship groups. Together we will explore how listening can help create space to pay attention to what God is doing in our lives. Surrounded by a small group of 3-4 people, we are encouraged to listen, notice, lean into discomfort, discern and respond.

This year’s offering will take place over five weeks and is a mix of online sessions hosted by our bishops, as well as small group sessions to work through in our own context using the materials provided.

  • Week 1: Tuesday 20 February 7.30-8.45pm, Communal Launch (online).
    Hosted by Bishop Lusa, with a reflection by Revd Richard Carter
  • Week 2: Listening Group Session 1 (in your own context using the pdf resource provided)
  • Week 3: Listening Group Session 2 (in your own context using the pdf resource provided)
  • Week 4: Listening Group Session 3 (in your own context using the pdf resource provided)
  • Week 5: Tuesday 19 March 7.30-8.45pm, Communal Reflection (online).
    Hosted by Bishop Sarah with Bishop Emma.

Please make sure to register if you would like to access our live zoom sessions.

Video recordings of the online sessions for Weeks 1 and 5  will be available on this page by 6pm on the day following their presentation.



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February 20
Communal Launch

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Why would we join a listening group?

How do listening groups deepen discipleship?

How do listening groups help us share our faith journey?

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