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Advice on the production of conservators’ reports on church furnishings and works of art

The importance and complexity of historic furnishings and works of art in churches is reflected in the amount and type of information required in conservation reports. A conservation report is an essential tool in the management of cultural property as it informs the decision-making process for repairing and preserving objects. The report is also a permanent record, which should be kept in the church archive together with any relevant specialist and post-conservation reports, as it will inform the lifetime of the object and building.

Care and maintenance of rainwater goods

Advice on the care and maintenance of "rainwater goods". Most commonly seen as attached iron guttering, rainwater goods can also be incorporated, unseen, into the building’s fabric, behind parapets and within walls.

Care of Churches Glossary

This glossary contains terms of reference pertaining to the care of church buildings. It can be navigated easily using the ‘Table of Content’, in the top right of this page.

Gutter Maintenance Programme

The Gutter Maintenance Programme is a maintenance co-operative established to provide a fixed sum for gutter clearance to church buildings for all parishes in the Diocese of London.

Heating churches

Replacing or altering your church’s heating system can represent one of the most significant investments in the church building that any PCC will carry out. As a means of reducing your carbon emissions a change in heating system is an opportunity which comes along once in a generation.

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