The journey from Ascension to Pentecost has been marked in recent years by the prayer movement, Thy Kingdom Come, founded by Archbishop Justin and now global and multi-denominational.
Here in London Diocese, our Confident Disciples team and the Gregory Centre (CCX) have partnered in creating a Prayer Journeying practice, following in the footsteps of the Lent prayer practices, to use over Ascensiontide.


Sometimes knowing how to pray can be challenging. Talking with God, as we are present in our communities, can stir prayer in us as He enables us to see ourselves and our city differently. Praying “Thy Kingdom Come here“, in and for our streets, gives us language to express the hopes and dreams we have for a future that only God can enable.

Richard Carter, Associate Vicar for Mission, St Martin-in-the-Fields, writes:

“Prayer journeying is about discovering that Jesus has gone ahead of us and called us to discover prayer beyond the walls of our churches and out on the streets in the lives of God’s people… The very act of walking [or journeying] can still the distractions of our minds and make us more receptive, open and attentive. Our whole bodies thus become our prayer and we enter into each new place recognising that God is already here. It does not have to be a long journey – it can be the journey through the supermarket, or the wait at the bus stop that can become infused with prayer or simply sitting in our own back-garden or local park that can become our sacred space.”

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