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Our 2030 Vision: Confident Disciples

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confident disciples

It is the great commission to follow the way of Jesus and make disciples. As a diocese we are committed to this call as apprentices of Jesus, learning his way, and becoming like him.

We began this journey into deeper discipleship in 2014 with our Ambassadors programme. Almost 40,000 people from across the diocese were commissioned to follow Christ right where they are in their Monday to Saturday lives.

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Resources for individuals

Resources for individuals to grow in confidence as disciples of Jesus in every day life

small groups

Resources for small groups

Resources to use in a small group setting to grow together as disciples of Jesus.


Resources for Sundays

Resources to use in a sunday service setting and resources for families.


Resources for the workplace

Workplace and industry-specific resources to encourage you in your work-life as disciples of Jesus.

Everyday Faith Stories

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