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/ 27 June 2022

St Andrew’s Church, Uxbridge “growing younger”

The Revd Erica Wilding shares some good news from St Andrew’s church, Uxbridge.

/ 17 June 2022

Gathering of 200 to discuss Schools Bill

Nearly 200 headteachers, Chairs of Governors and clergy met at All Souls Langham Place to discern their response to the Schools Bill.

/ 13 June 2022

The Choir for the Queen brings thousands of children together

St Paul’s Cathedral invited children across the country to offer a music gift to Her Majesty The Queen in celebration of the Platinum Jubilee

/ 25 April 2022

Bible Festival held at St Andrew’s Primary School

The Revd Erica Wilding shares about the Bible Festival held at their local primary school in Uxbridge. 

/ 31 March 2022

New School Minster in Hendon launched by Capital Youth

A new Youth Minster project has been launched at St Mary’s and St John’s CE School in Hendon.

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