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A fundraising cake sale?
/ 27 June 2017

Its summer time …

Carol Ward from the Parish Fundraising Team discusses parish fundraising across the summer holidays time.

/ 20 June 2017

Jerusalem Chamber Seminars

The Jerusalem Chamber Seminars for clergy across the Diocese of London.

/ 20 June 2017

New English Hymnal books required

St Barnabas Pimlico is asking for copies of the New English Hymnal to be given for its growing congregation.

/ 20 June 2017

Money Matters June 2017

Money Matters is the newsletter prepared by the finance advisers for PCC treasurers and all involved with parish finances.

/ 25 May 2017

Consultation on the Vacancy in the See of London

People are invited to share their views on the needs of the Diocese or the wider Church with the Archbishops’ Secretary for Appointments and the Prime Minister’s Appointments Secretary.

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