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London Ambassadors Playlist
/ 5 June 2019

Ambassadors Christian Music Playlist

The Ambassadors lead, Lawrence Olsworth-Peter has complied a playlist of inspirational music for anyone on their daily pilgrimage journey.

/ 21 May 2019

Full day Fundraising Workshop

As part of the ongoing commitment to parishes during 2019, the @fundmychurch team is hosting a full day Fundraising Workshop on Tuesday 18 … Read more

/ 21 May 2019

Money Matters May 2019

Money Matters is the newsletter prepared by the finance advisers for PCC treasurers and all involved with parish finances.

/ 21 May 2019

Clergy moves May 2019

Information about clergy moving into and around the Diocese. Update for May 2019.

/ 21 May 2019

Clergy Disability Survey

The Revd Jon Beauchamp, is running a survey looking at disability as diversity in ministry, to understand attitudes towards disability by London clergy.

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