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St Paul New Southgate Ambassadors commissioned
/ 28 June 2017

58 Ambassadors commissioned at St Paul’s New Southgate

The Revd Mark McAulay writes about his church’s experience of being Ambassadors in daily life, and the many forms that can take.

A fundraising cake sale?
/ 27 June 2017

Its summer time …

Carol Ward from the Parish Fundraising Team discusses parish fundraising across the summer holidays time.

Prayer Spaces in Schools boards
/ 26 June 2017

A quiet journey of spirituality and hope

Recently, St Mary Magdalene in Islington held their first Prayer Space. The Revd April Keech, the Chaplain, shares the impact of the prayer space on pupils who visited.

Ambassadors Football at Calais Jungle
/ 22 June 2017

Sport for the marginalised

David Stretton-Downes of Ambassadors Football discusses the power of Sport and why people went to the Calais Jungle to play football in the name of Jesus.

/ 22 June 2017

Clergy moves June 2017

Information about clergy moving into and around the Diocese. Update for June 2017.

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