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Diary of a Disciple and True Story book cover images
/ 26 May 2017

Reviews of ‘Diary of a Disciple’ and ‘True Story’

Scripture Union have produced some interesting new titles, so we sent them out to workers in the Diocese. Here’s what they thought!

/ 25 May 2017

Advice on new threat level

London Protect has published a security update which is largely aimed at businesses, but also has important advice for the general public and churches.

/ 24 May 2017

Ministry portfolio changes

The Revd Dr Neil Evans has responsibility for overseeing all aspects of ministry development as Diocesan Director of Ministry reports on changes to the team.

/ 24 May 2017

Clergy moves May 2017

Information about clergy moving into and around the Diocese. Update for May 2017.

/ 24 May 2017

Money Matters May 2017

Money Matters is the newsletter prepared by the finance advisers for PCC treasurers and all involved with parish finances.

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