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Our articles on children’s and youth ministry are here to help, support, challenge and equip Christian children’s and youth workers. They are written by Sam Donoghue and a team of other writers with a wealth of experience in their fields.

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Prayer Spaces in Schools boards
/ 26 June 2017

A quiet journey of spirituality and hope

Recently, St Mary Magdalene in Islington held their first Prayer Space. The Revd April Keech, the Chaplain, shares the impact of the prayer space on pupils who visited.

Messy St Paul's Cathedral team for Thy Kingdom Come
/ 16 June 2017

Messy St Paul’s

At the end of May, hundreds of families enjoyed Messy Church on a grand scale at St Paul’s Cathedral. Martyn Payne reports on what was a great day for all!

Children playing in the park at sunset
/ 9 June 2017

A working holiday

The August break is a key time when we could be building relationships, helping out families and telling lots of people about Jesus! Alex Taylor explores some of the options.

Group of children playing on floor
/ 2 June 2017

More top tips for toddler groups

The second of Tessa Rust’s articles giving tips and hints of how to run, publicise and support one of the best forms of outreach your church can undertake – a toddler group.

Diary of a Disciple and True Story book cover images
/ 26 May 2017

Reviews of ‘Diary of a Disciple’ and ‘True Story’

Scripture Union have produced some interesting new titles, so we sent them out to workers in the Diocese. Here’s what they thought!

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