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Our articles on children’s and youth ministry are here to help, support, challenge and equip Christian children’s and youth workers. They are written by Sam Donoghue and a team of other writers with a wealth of experience in their fields.

STARS poster from Dalgarno Estate
/ 24 March 2017

STARS in the Dalgarno Estates

St Francis’ Church has served the Dalgarno Estates since the 1930s. Jean Elliott, Family and Children’s Minister, shares the story of one of the initiatives she runs in the community.

Young woman shrugging shoulders
/ 17 March 2017

The joy of ‘I don’t know’

Sometimes it can feel like, as children’s and youth workers, we have to know all the answers. But saying ‘I don’t know’ could be one of the most powerful, faith-formational things you could say.

Prayer Space in School activity
/ 8 March 2017

An excellent opportunity for our church and school to come together

Setting up a prayer space in your local school can provide a place where children and young people can retreat, ask big questions and pray, if they wish, about the issues in their lives.

Stepney day for children's and youth workers
/ 3 March 2017

Counter-cultural revolution

On 25 February, children’s, youth and family workers from across the Stepney Area gathered together for a day of inspiration. The Bishop of Stepney started proceedings with this address.

Children's hand prints
/ 24 February 2017

A new phenomenon

Martyn Payne who supports Messy Churches across the Diocese discusses this great phenomenon in children’s ministry.

Father and son playing computer game together to help with sideways listening
/ 10 February 2017

The power of sideways listening

Without the pressure of looking someone in the eye, it’s easier for children and young people to drop important things into a conversation. That’s the beauty of sideways listening.

Children playing football outside
/ 31 January 2017

The Church @ the Hut

The Church @ the Hut is one of three plants from St Ann’s South Tottenham. Alan McGuffog writes about the work that he, his wife Amy and the team are doing in the surrounding estates.

Light bulbs bokeh effect
/ 20 January 2017

Double light-bulb moment!

How often do we meet with God for ourselves while we help children to to meet with him? Ro Willoughby describes a time when God spoke powerfully as she was filling in on a Sunday morning.

Portrait Of Two Retired Senior Female Friends Sitting On Sofa
/ 17 January 2017

Nanna Val

We all have an image of what a youth worker looks like, but you’re unlikely to bring to mind someone like Nanna Val, an 82-year-old woman making a difference in young people’s lives.

Group of colleagues working in team
/ 13 January 2017

2017 and all that

What are your hopes and dreams for 2017? The start of a calendar year is a good time to take stock of your youth or children’s work and reflect on where God is leading you.

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