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Our articles on children’s and youth ministry are here to help, support, challenge and equip Christian children’s and youth workers. They are written by Sam Donoghue and a team of other writers with a wealth of experience in their fields.

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St James' Park in central London.
/ 15 August 2017

Making the most of the summer

In the next in our series of suggestions of activities for the summer, we venture into the great outdoors, with some ideas you can use outside!

Lots of cakes
/ 8 August 2017

Summer baking with children and young people

Baking with children and young people can be a messy business, but is immensely enjoyable, and a great thing to do over the summer. And you end up with something deliciously to eat at the end of it.

Craft items in a box
/ 1 August 2017

Craft or construction

In the first of our ‘Making the most of the summer’ series, Alex Taylor explores a few craft and construction ideas that you might like to try with children and young people.

Hands of a carpenter
/ 25 July 2017

Was Jesus the best carpenter in town?

What was Jesus like as a carpenter? The best? Or just an average working person, like the majority of us? And what does that mean for your children’s and youth work? Ro WIlloughby investigates.

Materials ready for a residential
/ 18 July 2017

Getting ready for a residential

Alex Taylor’s top tips for preparing for the season of festivals, residentials and Christian holidays, to help you stay on top of the weeks in the lead-up and make things so much easier.

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