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/ 29 May 2020

A little bit of learning

Whether you have a degree in children’s ministry or never had any training at all, this time of enforced slowdown might be the perfect opportunity to brush up on your skills.

/ 26 May 2020

Book review: The End of Youth Ministry?

The End of Youth Ministry? (Why parents don’t really care about youth groups and what youth workers should do about it)

/ 21 May 2020

Family fun: Using films to open conversations about God

Sam Donoghue explains how films can facilitate fun discussions with your family about God and make links with stories we find in the Bible.

Hackney Children's Choir at St Paul's
/ 20 May 2020

Hackney young people take part in star-studded Virtual Evensong service in aid of Coronavirus emergency fund

Children from Hackney representing each of the Abrahamic faiths – Christianity, Judaism and Islam – joined over 300 singers in a first-of-its-kind Virtual Evensong Service.

/ 14 May 2020

Five finger prayer

There may be more pulling on our time than before, in ways that we’re still trying to get used to. There’s kids schoolwork, … Read more

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